Thank you for utilizing the Safe School Helpline. This Helpline has been developed for you, and other students, parents and staff members to help maintain your safety and the most positive school environment possible. The purpose of the Safe School Helpline is to promote school safety and report wrongdoings or illegal activity. Before we proceed, there are several important things which you will need to know. First, your inquiry has been received by Security Voice, an independent service provider to insure that you will remain anonymous. Security Voice is an independent entity which is not part of your school. Although your report will be sent to your school, no one from your school will receive your actual email address. We are committed to keeping your identity confidential, unless you wish to give your name. We will ask you to disclose the information that you feel your school should know. In order to take action, your school must have a factual basis for doing so. Therefore, please provide specific facts. Please note that prank reports will not be tolerated and may be investigated. When your school receives your report, they may have further questions. If they do, they will supply those questions in their response to Security Voice and we will send them on to you via the email address you supply.
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